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2022 MLB Season

Performance of the MLB Picks (through September 22 games):

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2021 MLB Season

Performance of the MLB Picks:

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2020 MLB Season

Proposition Bet: How many Astros batters will get hit by a pitch in 2020? Over or Under 83.5?

No MLB daily system picks this year!


2019 MLB Season

Performance of my 19 betting strategies by wagering $1 per play ($$$$$ very lucrative season $$$$$):

If your average bet was $100, you earned $4035 during the 2019 season.

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Break down by betting strategy:

Note #1: The last row's numbers in this table do not match the overall performance shown earlier. Why? Because there were games where more than one system indicated to bet a specific team. In these instances, the bet was counted just once in the "overall performance", but more than once when broken down by betting strategy.

Note #2: Suppose Team A played Team B. If at least one betting strategy recommended to bet Team A and at least one other betting strategy suggested to bet Team B, we simply stayed away from that game.


The overall $40.35$ profit over 771 games can be broken down as follows:

  • When just one system suggested betting a team: +$19.12 over 633 bets (ROI = +3.0%)
  • When 2+ systems suggested betting a team: +$21.23 over 138 bets (ROI = +15.4%)

The ROI was 5 times higher when many betting angles recommended to bet the same team!

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