Free MLB Picks Friday June 30, 2023

ALERT! ALERT! Today, we have two MLB teams qualifying under the moneymaking “Blowout #3” betting system!

During the whole 2021 season, this betting strategy generated a total of 24 bets, while last year it produced just 16. Therefore, it is mind-boggling to have two within the same day!

Before I explain how this lucrative system works, and which two teams meet the criteria for betting, let me show you its performance this year:

So far we have placed six bets according to this betting angle. Despite getting average odds of +140 in American format, or 2.40 in decimal, we have racked up a 4-2 record. That included the Oakland A’s pick that I shared with you on Tuesday, a game in which they pulled off a nice upset victory over the Yankees by a 2-1 score.

All right, let me remind you how “The Blowout #3” actually works. It is quite simple to understand. Here it goes: "Bet any team that lost its previous game by a margin of at least 11 runs, provided that they are facing a different opponent today". That’s it!


SYSTEM PICK #1: Colorado Rockies (@ +106 odds, vs Detroit Tigers)

Yesterday, the Rockies were dismantled 14-3 against the Dodgers. Since they are indeed coming off an 11+-run defeat and squaring off against a different club, we’ve got to back Colorado today. For this reason, my first MLB system pick for today, Friday June 30, is the Colorado Rockies as slight underdogs at home against the Detroit Tigers.

Do we have more evidence supporting this betting tip? First, did you know that the Tigers have won just 4 of their past 14 games at Coors Field? Moreover, Detroit has fared very poorly against left-handed pitchers. In fact, they hold a 2-8 record the last 10 times they faced a southpaw, which is the case of Austin Gomber.

The latter starting pitcher obviously presents ugly numbers this year: a 7.01 ERA, along with a 1.61 WHIP stat. However, he will likely regress to the mean and improve those numbers. He took a step in the right direction in his last outing by allowing just two runs and five hits against a dangerous Angels’ lineup on June 25.

The Tigers will be sending Michael Lorenzen to the mound. He has done a very good job in his first year in Detroit. Still, he has been a bit inconsistent, as evidenced by his five starts in which he squandered either 5 or 6 earned runs. He is susceptible to making some bad performances on occasion, and playing at Coors Field increases the chances of that happening.

These two teams have similar records this year, and given the Rockies have played close to .500 baseball at home and we are getting positive odds, I am jumping on board with this bet! Give me Colorado to pull the mild upset over the Tigers today.


SYSTEM PICK #2: St. Louis Cardinals (@ -104 odds, vs New York Yankees)

Which other team fits under “The Blowout #3” strategy, whose secrets were revealed before the break? Did you guess which team it is? That’s right: the St. Louis Cardinals, who will be hosting the New York Yankees.

Given the past performance of this betting system, I have decided to take this bet. But to be honest with you, I prefer the Colorado wager more than this one.

Why? The Yankees are clearly the superior team. Sure, Luis Severino hasn’t been good this year for the Yankees, but Matthew Liberatore hasn’t been any better. In fact, both his ERA and WHIP stat are higher than Severino’s.

Still, I’m going to follow my own advice and take the Cards. In a “Shorts” YouTube video I shared a few days ago, I mentioned how I feel it is important that I stick to my system picks, even if my gut feeling does not like them, when the system in question has shown good profit over several years, and when it is very selective with its picks. It’s not like we were placing a hundred bets per year due to “The Blowout #3” betting angle.



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