Free MLB Picks Thursday August 31, 2023

Yesterday in my live stream I shared with you 3 official MLB betting picks, and those plays yielded a perfect 3-0 record!

I am glad I opted to stay away from the Giants because it would have ruined our perfect day.

All right, we only have four games on the menu in Major League Baseball on Thursday August 31st. Amazingly enough, I have 4 different baseball betting systems all pointing in the same direction. You heard it right: 4 strategies all recommending to bet the same team!


SYSTEM PICK #1: Atlanta Braves (@ -133 odds, at Los Angeles Dodgers)

This is certainly a scary bet given the Dodgers have compiled a jaw-dropping 24-4 record during the month of August. Still, I’m going to rely on my betting angles, including the one called “The Hot Teams Matchup #1”. Here are its rules: “Bet the road team if they have won at least one game in a row when facing a home squad coming off at least four straight victories.”

In this case, the Braves are riding a three-game winning streak, while the home team from L.A. has picked up the W on four consecutive occasions.

Another betting system indicating to grab the Braves is called “The Hot Bats”. The rules are as follows: “Bet AGAINST the home team if they have won their past two games by scoring at least six runs in each of those victories, or if they are won their past four games by scoring at least five runs in each of those victories.”

In the current case, the Dodgers qualify under both sets of rules, so according to the rules we’ve got to FADE them, which explains why I am taking the Braves in this great National League showdown.

(A quick update regarding my sons’ baseball team that I am coaching. We played a game where the losing team was going home, while the winner was headed to the quarter finals. In the bottom of the first inning, our boys scored 6 runs which fired up our pretty loud crowd. Then, we went back on defense and did not allow a single run in the top of the 2nd. Through a couple of innings, we were already up 9-to-3, we were all pumped and we never looked back in a 17-10 victory. It really was a perfect night, those are such precious moments that I get to share with my boys. Tonight we are facing a team that we know very well after obtaining a 2-2 record against them during the regular season. All four games have been tight, so it should be a nerve-wracking evening.)

Ok let’s get back to the Braves-Dodgers meeting. Spencer Strider will square off against Lance Lynn for this much-anticipated contest. Strider is a strikeout machine; he leads the league in that category with 236, which is 34 than any other hurler in the Big Leagues this season. If you combine his past three outings, he has allowed just one run in 21 innings. It doesn’t get any better than this! He will be looking for revenge after losing his only start against L.A. in 2023, a game in which he squandered four runs, albeit just two earned.

Meanwhile, Lance Lynn is a bit of a mystery. He was having a pretty bad season with the White Sox before getting dealt to the Dodgers. Since joining L.A., he has racked up a perfect 4-0 record, along with an awesome 2.03 ERA. Still, it is worth noting that he was knocked around in his last start against the Red Sox. He ended up getting the win, but he still surrendered 10 hits in six innings. Now facing the best offense in baseball, he will need to be much sharper.


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