Free MLB Picks Monday August 28, 2023

I’ve got 2 baseball picks that are backed by moneymaking betting systems for today, Monday August 28.

I’m Professor MJ, a 15-year university statistics teacher from Canada.

Let’s crush the bookies together my friend!


SYSTEM PICK #1: Detroit Tigers (@ -115 odds, vs New York Yankees)

Pick number one is supported by “The Blowout #3” betting strategy that has generated a 9-5 record this season, even though the average odds of those 14 betting recommendations have been +101 in American format, or 2.01 in decimal odds.

Here are the rules of this lucrative MLB betting angle: bet any team that is coming off a defeat by a margin of at least 11 runs if they are facing a different opponent today.

In the current case, the Tigers got destroyed 17-to-4 yesterday against the Astros. Since they are now playing another squad, the Yankees, then by virtue of this system we’ve got our first official baseball pick for August 28, which is the Detroit Tigers at -115 odds, or 1.87 in decimal.

To be honest with you, I am not overly confident about this bet so I would take it easy. I still placed a wager on Detroit this morning due to the strong performance of “The Blowout #3” system, but I’m worried about the pitching matchup.

This statement might sound weird given the Yankees are sending Luis Severino to the mound, who has been struggling mightily this season. However, prior to his last start I mentioned that I felt he would eventually start pitching much better, and he delivered a strong performance by allowing just one hit in 6 2/3 innings against the Nationals. I’m afraid he might be starting to build some momentum. Severino also owns a 2.11 career ERA against the Tigers.

Meanwhile, the Tigers will counter with rookie Reese Olson. He has a high ERA, but a relatively good WHIP stat. I’m concerned about his recent outings. Indeed, he has allowed at least four runs in 5 of his last 6 starts.

So, in short, I am taking the Tigers, but I suggest proceeding with caution. I know many of you would prefer me screaming to suggest an awesome bet that is 100% guaranteed to win, but as always I prefer to be fully transparent with you.


SYSTEM PICK #2: Seattle Mariners -1.5 (@ -110 odds, vs Oakland A's)

The second pick inspires more confidence to me. Guess what, it is backed by my best-performing MLB system among the 19 I have developed.

It is called “The Scoring Drought” and it has produced a ming-boggling 32-2 record over its past 34 betting tips. I am aware that it always end up pointing in the direction of big home favorites so it’s natural that is has a winning percentage above 50%, but winning at a rate higher than 95% is incredible. If you take into account the odds of each bet, so far this year we have racked up a 30.1% ROI.

For those of you who have never heard of this system, let me explain its rules, which were developed after analyzing data on seven full MLB seasons. Bet AGAINST the road team if their moneyline today is higher than +150, and if they have lost their past two games by scoring a maximum of two runs in each of those defeats.

Oakland is indeed the visiting team today, they have lost their last two contests by scoring 1 and 2 runs, respectively, and their moneyline today is in fact greater than +150.

So, for this reason, “The Scoring Drought” system is indicating to FADE the A’s, which is why today’s second MLB pick goes to the Seattle Mariners.

When I developed this system, I was analyzing the performance of straight up bets, which means we should be taking the moneyline. I mentioned earlier this season that I was now avoiding the temptation of going with the -1.5 run line because I got burned many times. The team I bet would win the game by a single run, so “The Scoring Drought” was right, but I still lost my bet.

Hopefully I won’t regret it, but I’ll take the run line. Why? I obtained a -110 line at 9:39 am Eastern Time with either BetRivers, Unibet, Sugar House, Barstool, Casumo or Leo Vegas sportsbooks. Meanwhile, the sharpest sportsbook on the planet, Pinnacle, had Seattle -1.5 at -126 odds versus Oakland +1.5 at +114 odds.

This means we had an arbitrage opportunity on the Mariners with the run line at -110 odds. Pinnacle was literally telling me that the line with BetRivers and company was a great bargain, so I had to go with this betting market.


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