Free MLB Picks Friday August 11, 2023

The 3-day winning streak came to a halt as we lost the Twins bet yesterday afternoon. I can’t believe they couldn’t get more than two hits against rookie Reese Olson. Come on, man!

Let’s bounce back quickly and get a winning bet today, as this time we will be putting our money on a small home underdog.


SYSTEM PICK #1: San Francisco Giants (@ +106 odds, vs Texas Rangers)

Do you remember how we used the lucrative “Snapped Winning Streak” betting system on Wednesday to get a nice upset win by the Tigers at +144 odds against the Twins? Good news! One team fits the description of this betting strategy today, so I’m hammering that team on Friday.

First, let me recall how the system actually works. It basically suggests betting AGAINST the road team if they lost their past game after winning at least five in a row.

In this case, the Rangers are indeed on the road, they lost their prior match after riding a great eight-game winning streak.

So, for this reason, my top MLB pick for today, Friday August 11, is Texas’ opponent, the San Francisco Giants!

At the time I wrote this article, the best available odds were +106 in American format, or 2.06 in decimal, which was seen both with and BetOnline.

Jon Gray is set to start for the Rangers, and he’s been reeling quite a bit for over a month. In fact, he has allowed at least three runs in 5 of his past 6 outings. During this ugly stretch, his ERA stood at 5.79.

Gray played for the Rockies for several years, so he is familiar with the Giants. However, the bad news is he’s been struggling a lot against this squad. In 16 lifetime starts against San Francisco, Jon Gray posted a 2-8 record, along with a 5.96 ERA.

Meanwhile, the Giants will use Scott Alexander as their starter, but he won’t stay on the mound for long before giving way to Ross Stripling. His 5.21 ERA this season is quite bad, but his 1.28 WHIP stat is around the league average, which suggests better days are ahead for him.

I focused on Stripling’s past eight appearances, and I discovered that he has surrendered a total of 13 earned runs in 35 innings. If you do the math, this equates to a very respectable 3.34 ERA, so I’m confident he can do a good job tonight.


It has been a pleasure to serve you again this week, I invite you to be back for more MLB picks next week!