Free MLB Picks Monday September 11, 2023

Out of the 19 MLB betting systems that I developed a few years ago, there are just 2 or 3 that I recently started to fade. In other words, I go against their advice because they have performed so poorly in recent years.

Now, two of them are backing a team today so I decided to place a wager on the opposing team. Let me clarify all of this with you in today’s article that will present my favorite bet for Monday September 11.


SYSTEM PICK #1: Houston Astros -2.5 (@ +123 odds, vs Oakland A's)

First of all, “The Blowout #2” betting strategy has generated a -21% ROI this season via a 32-46 record. It also yielded some losses in each of the prior three seasons. We are talking about bad performance over a long period of time, right?

The rules of this betting angle go like this: if a team wins by a margin of at least seven runs and they are facing a different opponent today, you must bet AGAINST them. Now, as explained earlier, I’ll do the opposite, and I prefer to bet ON that team.

So which teams fits under those rules today? The Astros. Indeed, they won by a 10-run margin against the Padres yesterday, and since they are facing a different squad on Monday, we are supposed to be fading them if we were following “The Blowout #2”’s rules.

However, given my earlier explanations, my top pick for Monday September 11 is backing the Houston Astros, but I am taking the -2.5 run line at positive odds because I expect them to blow out the A’s.

The Astros are as healthy as they can be, and it shows on the field. They have scored an average of 10 runs per game during their six most recent contests. They are playing solid baseball and seem to be hitting their stride.

Framber Valdes will take the mound for Houston. He owns a 2.89 ERA in 12 career appearances against Oakland. I also like the fact that the last time he faced them, he surrendered 4 runs over 5 innings, which will keep him motivated and focused even though he knows he’s facing a weaker opponent.

Rookie Mason Miller will get his 5th career start, but he is unlikely to pitch deep because the A’s are being cautious following his elbow injury. Ken Waldichuk will probably play a large role, which is great news if you are betting the Astros because his numbers are plain awful. A WHIP statistic above 1.50 is deemed to be very bad, while his stat sits at 1.64. He was impressive in his last start, but I’m not buying it.

So, in summary, the bet I like the most in Major League Baseball for Monday September 11 is the Houston Astros -2.5 runs at odds around +120 at home against the Oakland A’s.


I know many people have been asking how my sons’ baseball team that I’m coaching fared this weekend against other league champions. Thanks a lot to all of you for the best wishes and prayers, but unfortunately we suffered a heart-breaker in the semi-finals of the entire region of Quebec.

We had a very poor start to the game and it looked like we were going to lose by a good margin. However, a pep talk after two innings woke them up and we came back to tie the game 12-12 before the last inning began.

We scored two runs in the top of the 6th inning. Now, you need to know that at that young age they play 6-on-6 baseball, which involves sending six batters at the plate during each inning, no matter the number of outs recorded. Our opponents tied the game 14-14 and had a runner at 3rd base when the 6th and final batter came to the plate. We had to get him out.

He hit a flyball around 2nd base, and my oldest son Mavrik could not catch it. It wasn’t necessarily an easy catch, but he had a chance. A lot of crying from the players followed, it was quite painful to watch honestly.

Still proud of what they accomplished and how far they made it. I had the unique chance to grab a playoff championship with both of my sons playing in the same team, and I am so grateful of that.

Thank you so much for watching, I appreciate all of you! By the way I found a bet that I like a lot regarding the Bills versus Jets showdown tonight, and it’s never too late to join in order to receive all of my NFL and college football picks! The free NFL picks I gave you for Week 1 generated a 3-1 record. Have a good Monday!