Free MLB Picks Tuesday July 18, 2023

Yesterday’s top MLB pick was Cleveland, and they completely destroyed the Pirates 11-0!

Now, I’ve got another good betting tip in Major League Baseball for you today. Some of you will probably be able to guess the pick, which is backed by “The Blowout #1” betting system.

Let me remind you its rules: "Bet any team that won its previous game by a margin of at least eight runs if they are facing the same opponent today."


SYSTEM PICK #1: Cleveland Guardians (@ -103 odds, at Pittsburgh Pirates)

The Guardians clearly fit the description above, and after doing my due diligence on this game I am officially taking Cleveland for the second straight day. They have been nice moneymakers for us since you might recall that we have won the past four qualifying bets under “The Scoring Drought” betting strategy with Cleveland.

Logan Allen will square off against Mitch Keller. Of course, Pittsburgh gets the edge here. Still, the Pirates are doing so badly that I don’t believe it will be enough to beat a desperate Cleveland team that needs to collect as many wins as they can to keep up with the Twins atop the AL Central division.

Logan Allen has done a fine job in his rookie season with a 3.47 ERA. He has allowed three earned runs or fewer in 10 of his 12 starts. He only pitched around 4 innings in each of his past two outings, but he did not allow a single run in any of them. Slowing down a weak Pittsburgh lineup is certainly doable for him.

Obviously, Mitch Keller will represent a tough challenge for the Guardians. He is clearly having the best year of his career with very solid numbers. However, he is far from unbeatable. He has allowed 4 runs or more in five of his past nine outings.

As stated in yesterday’s post, Pittsburgh is trying out lots of young prospects and looking to build for the future, rather than winning now. They started six rookies yesterday. That has led to numerous losses for the Pirates, and I expect the bad run to continue.


Usually, I find 2-3 baseball bets that I like in the morning, but right now this is it. I will continue digging deeper this afternoon and I’m hopeful I can find a few more. As usual, they will be shared via email and SMS to those of you who signed up for a subscription plan at

This morning I found two more solid bets: one in the WNBA and another in tennis.

We’ve had good success on both sports, so let’s keep crushing the bookies together my good friends! I’m Professor MJ, thanks for watching amigo!