Sports Betting Strategies

This page introduces several winning sports betting strategies based on in-depth statistical analyses of past data!

Major League Baseball (MLB)

Performance of the 19 betting strategies in 2019:

Break down by betting strategy:

Note #1: The last row's numbers in this table do not exactly match the overall performance shown earlier. Why? Because there were games where more than one system indicated to bet a specific team. In these instances, the bet was counted just once in the "overall performance", but more than once when broken down by betting strategy.

Note #2: Suppose Team A played Team B. If at least one betting strategy recommended to bet Team A and at least one other betting strategy suggested to bet Team B, we simply stayed away from that game.

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Specific betting strategies:

National Hockey League (NHL)

How to Bet the NHL Playoffs

National Football League (NFL) - coming soon

National Basketball Association (NBA) - coming soon