Professor MJ's picks on NBA player props: 2017-03-16



University Professor. PhD in stats. Proud dad of 2 boys.



Day #1 = 12-4-2

Day #2 = 10-3-1

Day #3 = 10-6-4

TOTAL = 32-13-7 (win percentage = 71.1%)

Reminder #1: I am not responsible for line changes. I cannot reimburse people if lines move, leaving you with 0 value bet. That's why I recommend acting promply as soon as I post those picks.

Reminder #2: The suggested picks are taken from Bodog/Bovada. It is highly recommended that you have an account there, otherwise I can't guarantee you will find the same player props or the same odds.



  • Top 6 picks of the day;
  • You get your money back if we lose more picks than we win (you get reimbursed if we go 2-4, but not if we go 3-3 or 2-2-2);
  • You might receive free bonus picks during the evening. Check your email regularly. I will track lines and if value bets come up (no promises), I will let you know.

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Good luck all and thanks for supporting this sports betting service!

Professor MJ