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Nitrogen is a Bitcoin sportsbook in the sense that the only supported method for deposits and withdrawals is bitcoin, and the account balances are also in bitcoin.

They are not only offering a sportsbook, but also a casino and a card room which includes poker and blackjack.

The owner is Ideal Media inc.

Nitrogen has threads on various online discussion forums: they are doing everything they can to interact with their customers and to create a sense of community, which is a great way to build a business. They invite people to ask questions or to make suggestions that might help them respond better to their clients’ needs.


Staying incognito: Nitrogen Sports has a very distinctive selling proposition: anonymous accounts. That’s right, you don’t even need to provide personal information; not even your name! That’s very innovative and a great feature in this world where we are being constantly watched and tracked everywhere we go.

Amazingly quick withdrawals: Their website mentions “Lightning Fast Transactions”. Most payouts are processed within 5-10 minutes, unless you are withdrawing a large sum of money. That’s a lot quicker than most sportsbooks. And remember: you won’t need to scan ID documents and utility bills unlike what’s required with the vast majority of bookmakers. I cannot emphasize enough how great this is.

Free transactions: Absolutely no fees on deposits and withdrawals. It doesn’t get any simpler than that!

Good odds (reasonable juice): Their lines are fairly competitive in general. On Major League Baseball, they don’t quite have dime lines, but rather 14-cent lines (for example -116 vs +102). Same thing on totals, although it gets to 16-cent lines very quickly (I saw an occurrence of -110 vs -104, but -116 +100). The vigorish can vary quite a bit from one sport to the other. Having 16-cent lines on a small market like handball is pretty impressive, but 38-cent lines on volleyball represents a pretty big commission for Nitrogen. The lines were also nice to the sports bettors on the WNBA, but not so much on European or International basketball games. If you like to wager on football (soccer), you are getting the best bang for your buck even on smaller leagues.

Lines on 100+ soccer leagues! Speaking of football (soccer), I was blown away by Nitrogen’s wide selection. I took the time to count the number of different leagues offered and I found 105 of them. You can bet on much smaller markets like leagues from Algeria, Belarus, Bolivia, Estonia, Iceland, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania and Uzbekistan. Nitrogen had odds on 12 football leagues from Australia alone.

Fun live chat: Near the top of the site you have the option to follow a live chat where all Nitrogen users can discuss. You may not get any value out of this feature, but I thought it was cool idea.

Satisfactory wagering limits: Their betting limits are fairly high. On baseball sides I found them to be around 10,000$ USD (3.50 BTC at the time of review) and close to 1,000$ USD on propositions. On football (soccer) matches, it varies from one league to the other, but here are a few examples: 900$ on USA Major League Soccer, 3600$ on Brazil Serie A and 900$ USD on Japan J League. Limits drop significantly on smaller markets: roughly 300$ on volleyball, 100$-200$ on handball, 100$ on badminton and 250$ on eSports.


Rigid security measures: You cannot log into your account from a different device (computer/phone) or a conflicting IP address, otherwise your account will be frozen immediately. So if you go to a friend’s house, don’t even try to use his computer to place bets. They are very paranoid about IP overlap. This may be annoying if you want to wager while away from your home (unless you have always been betting from your smartphone), but it should reassure you that they are taking strict security measures to prevent other people from accessing your account.

Lack of bonuses: As far as I know, Nitrogen Sports does not offer signup or reload bonuses. They do have some seasonal promotions like a free NFL Survivor Pool which brought 1508 contestants in 2016 to compete for a prize of 1 BTC (1 bitcoin whose value constantly fluctuates, see They also launched a little contest where participants had to pick 20 players that they believed would get picked by the Las Vegas Golden Knights at the expansion draft taking place on June 20th, 2017 (first place = 0.05 BTC, second place = 0.02 BTC, third place = 0.01 BTC). Those little games are free and fun, but they seem less enticing than juicy cash bonuses or free plays that are in the hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

"Okay"-looking website: The interface is not stunning, but I’ve seen worse.

Limited track record: They have not been in business for a long time compared to most bookies. Their track record thus far has been great, but I’m going to wait a few more years before calling them a very safe option.

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I have found four reviews by Nitrogen players on All of them are positive. They are praising the wide array of options and markets, the quick payouts, their good odds and their friendly customer service.


ANALYSIS: That’s pretty impressive because most of the people that take the time to write comments tend to do so when they are mad, not when they are satisfied by a service or product.



A Reddit user nicknamed vintage2017 got his account frozen as he was trying to withdraw some bitcoins and he couldn’t get answers from Nitrogen Sports via email. His account was restored after answering several security questions. It turns out the account was locked because of suspicious activities which were caused by logging in from different locations.


ANALYSIS: As mentioned previously, Nitrogen Sports is strict when it comes to conflicting IP addresses or using different devices to log into accounts. Be careful with that. They want to make sure nobody’s account gets hacked, which is good to know.



A player claims Nitrogen is a scam and a shady site. He says he placed bets on eSport matches one minute after the games had started; Nitrogen voided the bets. Later on, he placed a bet on a tennis match that had already begun (where he claims he wasn’t aware of this fact upon placing the bet), he then asked for a refund as the game was in progress but never got it. His bet lost and they refused to reimburse him. He goes on by making more accusations: a) he spotted some bots at poker tables; b) on some occasions, Nitrogen has odds that are very different from the general consensus “to persuade players to choose the wrong side”. He concludes his post on Reddit by saying he took screenshots and he will make it viral to prove they are a shady bookmaker.


ANALYSIS: There are so many ridiculous accusations that I don’t know where to start. First of all, at the time I wrote this review the post had been submitted 3 months earlier; the original poster never followed up on his promises to provide any kind of evidence to support his claims. Not only that, but he did not respond to any of the comments made by other users, including one that I thought was pretty relevant: how did he spot bots at poker tables?

He is also whining about odds being different from other sportsbooks at times: why is he complaining about that? If that’s the case, you are presented with great opportunities to place value bets. If I offered him to bet at +105 odds (the equivalent of 2.05 in decimal format) on a coin flip, I bet he would be complaining about me trying to lure him into betting the opposite side instead of grabbing this great deal!

Finally, I find it hard to believe that he placed a bet on a tennis match not knowing the game had already started, especially considering he admits having done it in the past on eSport matches (where he claims he did so only one minute after the event had started, but was it really one minute? Had any important events already happened at that point in time, which made one of the two sides more likely to win?).

So all in all, I don’t think any of the accusations were founded here.



A guy who doesn’t know much about bitcoins asked fellow users on a forum about their experience with Nitrogen Sports. The only answer worth of note was: “The quickest book to withdraw bitcoin online, period. Withdraw within 10 15 minutes, also deposits are instant."


ANALYSISMore confirmation of their lightning-quick transactions.





I strongly advocate in favor of Nitrogen Sports. In my humble opinion, they are the best and most trustworthy bitcoin sportsbook by far. I rarely get excited about a bookmaker that has only been in business for five years. The number of good versus bad comments posted online about Nitrogen Sports is heavily skewed towards the good ones. Their lines are good, the transactions (deposits and withdrawals) are super quick + free of charge and the anonymity factor is a very underrated element (every time a sportsbook asks for a copy of your ID documents and utility bills, you run the risk of identity theft which is a major pain). There isn’t any big reason why I might not recommend this sportsbook, unless lack of bonuses really bothers you. Overall, this is a great sportsbook that has a lot to offer.