NHL SURVIVOR POOL (begins Thursday March 23, 2017)


The winner gets a NHL jersey from a team of his choosing.

Each contestant must pick a team every day. If the team loses, the contestant is eliminated. The goal is to be the last person standing.

The contest starts Thursday March 23rd, 2017. There are 5 selected dates where contestants won’t need to submit a pick because there are too few games. Those dates are March 24 and 29, as well as April 3, 5 and 7.

A contestant is not allowed to pick the same team twice throughout the contest, unless all teams playing on a certain night have already been previously selected by this person. In this case, he can pick any team.

All picks must be submitted by 7pm Eastern Time, even if the game on which you want to select a team starts at a later time. If the contestant wants to pick a team that is playing EARLIER than 7pm, he must do so before the game starts.

There are two ways to submit picks: in the Facebook group (I will create a post specifically for this every day) or via email (professormj@hotmail.com). Keep in mind that there could be a delay between the moment you send the email to the moment I receive it, so don’t wait too close from the deadline. Facebook is the preferred method for this reason.

It is possible to change your pick by posting again in the Facebook group or by sending another email, as long as the deadline is met.

As soon as we are left with 5 contestants or less still alive, picks must be submitted via email (to avoid some people making picks based on which teams were picked by others).

The last day of the NHL regular season is April 9. Here is what we are going to do if we haven’t found a winner after the April 8 games:

  • On April 9, each contestant still alive must pick a team according to the rules above. If we end up with only one winner, great. Otherwise, see the next step.
  • To prevent having more than one winner, I also ask these contestants to predict the score of each of the 10 games from that day. The first tie-breaker will be the number of predicted winners. The second tie-breaker will be each contestant’s total error (difference between predicted and actual number of goals scored by each of the 20 teams). If there is still a tie: coin toss!

I hope you will enjoy this free NHL contest. Show off your handicapping skills! Good luck everyone!

Professor MJ


Here are the results:

H Ahn Blackhawks   Capitals Penguins  
G Beanblossom Kings   No pick  
M Bhaloo Blues   Oilers Stars Flames Jackets   Lightning Capitals
M Buck Panthers   Oilers Wild  
M Burns Panthers   Capitals Wild  
S Carrier Wild    
A Clark Blackhawks   Capitals Jets Blues Ducks   Lightning Islanders
P Clark Bruins    
S Comtois Blues   Capitals Penguins  
J Cox Oilers   Capitals Jets Hurricanes  
J Deknop Oilers   Capitals Stars Flames Jackets   Canadiens Blues
A DH Canadiens    
MA Gaudet Blues   Capitals Stars Flames Ducks   Canadiens Blackhawks
P Georgina Blackhawks   No pick  
C Hayes Lightning   No pick  
G Hoyt Oilers   No pick  
M Jackson Panthers   Capitals Jets Flames Canadiens   Lightning Blues
B Johnson Leafs   Canucks Penguins  
G Kosch Wild    
M Lafreniere Canadiens    
B Lavaglio Oilers   Capitals Penguins  
M Lemay Oilers   Blackhawks  
S Lewandoski Blackhawks   Blues  
J Linden Blackhawks   Oilers Ducks Blues Canadiens   Bruins Capitals
R Mac Blues   Wild  
J Markwardt Panthers   No pick  
M Mathieu Oilers   Capitals Penguins  
A Milkmann Rangers    
O Moubayed Panthers   Capitals Penguins  
J Nathan Oilers   Too late  
A Noble Oilers   Capitals Ducks Flames Jackets   Canadiens Blues
S Olson Blues   Capitals Stars Flames Canadiens   Lightning Kings
C O'Shaughnessy Canadiens    
H Parker Canadiens    
MO Perrault Leafs   Oilers Jets Flames Jackets   Canadiens Blues
LP Perrault Oilers   Bruins Wild  
C Prentiss Blues   Oilers Penguins  
B Reyes Leafs   Oilers Jets Flames Ducks   Bruins Capitals
M Robert Leafs   Hurricanes Jets Flames Jackets   Bruins Blues
K Robertson Leafs   Capitals Penguins  
B Robin Canadiens    
M Rooke Oilers   Hurricanes Stars Blues Ducks   Canadiens Capitals
L Ryan Wild    
CJ Sanandreas Blackhawks   No pick  
D Sandler Capitals   No pick  
IT Sawchuck Oilers   Capitals Wild  
R Schmidt Blackhawks   Capitals Penguins  
E Strand Blackhawks   Oilers Penguins  
S Stute Oilers   Capitals Jets Flames Ducks   Lightning Blues
V Sutton Oilers   Capitals Wild  
P Taillefer Blackhawks   No pick  
S Tercero Panthers   Wild  
K Thana Panthers   Capitals Penguins  
T Thru Wild    
M Tinus Leafs   Capitals Penguins  
A Tou Blues   Oilers Penguins  
C Tremblay Flames    
D Turgeon Oilers   Blackhawks  
M Vaillancourt Canadiens    
R Vogel Leafs   Oilers Penguins  
R Wyman Blackhawks   Oilers Penguins  
W Yerkovich Canadiens    
L Yerkovich Blues   No pick  
A Yerkovich Oilers   Capitals Wild  
Luke Yerkovich Oilers   Capitals Penguins