NFL Week #4 (2018 season)



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Hello NFL fans!

Our picks went 2-1 last week, while also winning my lean on the Cardinals.

This week I’ve got 4 picks for $40 USD. Or did I “mistakenly” add a 5th pick for you?

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Here is my FREE ADVICE of the week:

Thursday Night Game

Very slight lean towards Minnesota Vikings +6.5 at LA Rams.

The Rams will be missing two key defensive backs: Aqib Talib and Marcus Peters. The team has been cruising thus far but they haven’t faced a tough defense yet, and the Vikings will rebound after a dreadful home loss to the Bills. Generally speaking, when a top offense faces a top defense, the latter tends to beat the spread.

However, I am not betting this game because of other conflicting factors (Rams playing a third game in a row at home so well rested, Minnesota traveling two time zones, Rams wanting revenge after losing to those same Vikings last year).

If you were considering betting the Rams, my advice would be to either stay away or bet a smaller amount than usual. And if you were leaning towards the Vikes, go ahead with caution.

System on Totals

Some of you may have already read the following post in my Facebook group (posted last Friday):

“A little bonus for all: last September I had heard of a system on totals that has generated a 225-171-14 (56.8%) record over a 10-15-year period. I didn't bet it, and kind of forgot about it until yesterday. I just checked how it did last season by going through all 17 weeks and checking whether the criteria for betting were met or not: it went 19-12 (61.3%). Damn! Too bad I didn't play it. This year there were no plays on week #1 and two plays on week #2, with both picks winning. I'm starting to believe in this system! For those interested, according to this system you should be betting over 43.5 Cincinnati-Carolina and over 44.5 Denver-Baltimore.”

Update: this system is now 3-1 this year.

According to the system, you should be betting over 38 Jets-Jaguars and over 45 Browns-Raiders.

Week #4 Picks

Get my 4 (or is it 5?) picks for the week by clicking here. Thanks a lot to the 11 people who obtained my picks last week; I really appreciate your faith in me!

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