NFL Week #16 (2018 season)



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Last week was a disappointment with both official picks losing (although the leans went 3-1), but we still hold a good record overall. Let's quickly turn things around!

System on Totals

This system continued its downfall by going 0-2 last week. Overall record: 11-17. Starting the season 8-2 seems far away!

There are two plays meeting the criteria for betting this system this week: over 53 Chiefs-Seahawks and over 44 Ravens-Chargers.


I'll suggest a couple of unofficial picks this week:

Tennessee Titans -10 vs Washington Redskins. Fourth game on the road over a five-week period for Washington. After upsetting the Jaguars last week, I feel like the Redskins may not be as hungry this week, especially compared to the Titans who are fighting for their playoff lives.

Kansas City Chiefs -2.5 at Seattle Seahawks. You know I like betting good teams following a loss. Kansas City was shocked by a late comeback and a gutsy two-point conversion by the Chargers last week. Granted, the Seahawks were also upset last week in San Francisco, but I believe the Chiefs are a much superior team. K.C. also gets three extra days of rest after playing last Thursday.

Week #16 Picks

After going 4-0 a couple of weeks ago, we went 0-2 last week. Will we be able to reach the 60% mark (in terms of winning percentage) like we did in 2017?

Season record: 23-18 (56.1% winning percentage).

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