NFL Week #11 (2018 season)



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Hi guys, let's examine my tips for week #11 in the NFL!

System on Totals

After suffering a 5-game losing streak, the system went 1-1 last week. The overall record in 2018 now stands at 9-8 (52.9%). Nothing to write home about, but let's see if it can catch fire once again until the remainder of the season.

Two plays qualify this week: over 51 Panthers-Lions and over 47.5 Steelers-Jaguars.



I've got two free unofficial picks for you this week:

  • Houston Texans -2.5 at Washington Redskins. I picked the Skins as a 1-star play last week despite being pretty worried about their offensive line which suffered many injuries. Washington did win in Tampa Bay, but I believe they crash down against a much superior team this week. The Texans also get 7 days of extra preparation since they were on their bye week.
  • Seattle Seahawks -2.5 vs Green Bay Packers. I don't like this one as much, but my method is telling me it's close to being a profitable bet (which is why it is considered a lean). Seattle will try to avenge a 17-9 loss in Green Bay last year. Also, traveling through two time zones on a short week won't be easy for the Packers.


Week #11 Picks

Our picks went 2-1 during the 1 pm games, and I felt confident we'd win our last pick (Raiders +10 vs Chargers) when the game was tied 3-3 with one minute left before halftime. However, Oakland stalled on offense for the rest of the game and ended up losing 20-6, thus not covering the spread. Oh well...

Season record: 16-11 (59.3% winning percentage).

I've got 3 plays this week. Don't miss your chance to get them right now!


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