NFL Survivor Pool Tips for Week 14 (2020 regular season)



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Still alive in your NFL survivor pool? Congratulations!

Now, which team should you pick in Week 14?

This article has the answer for you!

The survivor picks below are rated in order of preference. I recommend that you choose the highest-rated team from this list that is still available to you.

Let’s get started!


This is the best pick by far in survivor pools for Week 14. No doubt about it.

Not only are the Seahawks the biggest favorite by a good margin over any other NFL team (they are 13.5-point favorites), but they don’t have any easy game left on their schedule after this one. Indeed, they will play in Washington, at home against the Rams and at the 49ers.

Last week, I advised to pick the Vikings ahead of the Seahawks, even though Minnesota had a smaller win probability. My goal was to save Seattle for this week. It turned out to be a great tip since the Seahawks lost, while the Vikings won in overtime.


If you cannot take Seattle this week because you have already taken them earlier this season, then I highly suggest that you go with either of my survivor picks #2, #3, #4 or #5. They are all very close.

At the number two spot, I have decided to go with the Green Bay Packers.

However, make sure you have the option of taking either the Rams, the Ravens, the Steelers or the Titans next week. If you have already picked all four of these teams, then I think it’s best that you keep the Packers for next week against Carolina, and go with an alternative pick this week (go further down this list).

SURVIVOR PICK #3: TENNESSEE TITANS (at Jacksonville Jaguars)

This pick makes me a bit nervous since the Titans have been fairly inconsistent. They were hammered by the Browns last week, and keep in mind that they lost to the lowly Bengals earlier this year.

Also, the Jaguars have shown some fight despite a 1-11 record. Since Week 9, they have lost by four points or less against the Vikings, the Browns, the Packers and the Texans. They are not an easy prey.

My final advice regarding Tennessee goes like this: take them this week if you are not allowed to grab Seattle and Green Bay. Exception: go with a team further down this list if you have already taken the Rams, the Ravens and the Steelers. Why? Because it’s probably best to keep Tennessee for its matchup against Detroit next week.

SURVIVOR PICK #4: NEW ORLEANS SAINTS (at Philadelphia Eagles)

Drew Brees may or may not be back on the field this Sunday against a desperate Philadelphia team.

The Eagles offense has looked bad by scoring 16 or 17 points in each of their past four outings. It won’t be easy to break out against the stingy Saints defense. Still, you never know what can happen, and the Eagles defense is fairly good.

New Orleans won’t be of much use in your survivor pool until the end of the season, except maybe at home against the Vikings in Week 16. That won’t necessarily be an easy match either.

For these reasons, taking the Saints this week could be a sound choice.

SURVIVOR PICK #5: TAMPA BAY BUCS (vs Minnesota Vikings)

The Bucs are coming off their bye week to face the Vikings. This is a super critical game for both teams, who are on the edge of making the playoffs right now. It should be a hard fought game.

What does Tampa’s remaining schedule look like? Do they have easy matchups?

They will take the road to Atlanta and Detroit, before coming back home against the Falcons. I expect the Bucs to be moderate favorites in each of those games. In other words, their future value is average.


Do you still have the Chiefs available in your survivor pool? Yes? Great! But I recommend that you save them for a later week.

Kansas City has a tough matchup at the Saints next week, but they will end the season at Arrowhead Stadium against the Falcons and the Chargers. In both cases, the Chiefs are likely to be 10-point favorites, which is expected to be among the top three easiest meetings during those weeks.

Also, hosting the Falcons and the Chargers may not be super easy wins, but it’s still better than facing a surprisingly good Dolphins squad on the road this week.

SURVIVOR PICK #7: LOS ANGELES RAMS (vs New England Patriots)

The Rams are clearly the least desirable team to grab among the seven mentioned in this article.

First, their win probability is a bit smaller than the others. Beating a desperate New England team won’t be easy. And Bill Belichick has shown in the past that he can outsmart Sean McVay, as shown in Super Bowl LIII where the Pats won 13-to-3.

Secondly (and perhaps more importantly), you are better off saving the Rams for next week since they are projected to be the largest favorites of all teams. Indeed, hosting the New York Jets is a great matchup, so why use the Rams this week?


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