NFL Survivor Pool (Season 2017)


The winner gets a NFL jersey from a team of his choosing.


Each contestant must pick a team every week. If the team loses or ties, the contestant is eliminated. The goal is to be the last person standing.

The contest starts on Week #2 of the 2017 NFL season.

A contestant is not allowed to pick the same team twice throughout the season.

All picks must be submitted by 1pm Eastern Time on Sunday, even if the game on which you want to select a team starts at a later time. If the contestant wants to pick a team that is playing EARLIER (like a Thursday night game, for example), he must do so before the game starts.

There are two ways to submit picks

  • Facebook group (;
  • Email (

Keep in mind that there could be a delay between the moment you send the email to the moment I receive it, so don’t wait too close from the deadline. Facebook is the preferred method for this reason.

IMPORTANT: while this contest is 100% free, there is only one small requirement for you to play, which will help boost my newly launched podcast ("The Sports Investor Podcast"). You need to rate + leave feedback, either on iTunes or Stitcher:

 Upon submitting your very first pick, simply let me know whether you rated on iTunes or Stitcher (you could do both if you wanted to, that would be nice!) and under what name or username you did it. That's it!

It is possible to change your pick by posting again in the Facebook group or by sending another email, as long as the deadline is met.

If more than one person is still alive at the end of the regular season, here are the tiebreaking rules:

  • We calculate the overall record of all teams picked by each contestant throughout the contest. The person whose teams had the lowest win percentage is declared the winner.
  • We calculate the overall margin of victory of all teams picked during the contest (on the 16 games selected). The person whose margin of victory is the highest is declared the winner.
  • Coin toss.

    I hope you will enjoy this free NFL contest. Show off your handicapping skills! Good luck everyone!

    Professor MJ


    First name Last name Week #2 Week #3 Week #4
    Joel Wab Seahawks Colts Falcons
    Cyp Lou Chiefs Steelers
    Raymond Roy Panthers Packers Falcons
    Stephen Schwab Patriots No pick
    Sebastien Comtois Raiders Steelers
    Shane Olson Seahawks No pick
    Kronic Superstar Raiders Steelers
    Steven Simoneau Raiders Browns
    Maxime Dufresne Panthers Packers Patriots
    Marc-Antoine Gaudet Raiders No pick
    Kevin Aubertin Titans Cowboys Seahawks
    Andreas Milkmann Raiders Packers Patriots
    Steve Lewandoski Raiders Patriots Chiefs
    Normand Vallee Ravens Patriots Packers
    Dave Turgeon Cowboys
    Dale Knollenberg Chargers
    Avery Clark Seahawks Patriots Falcons