NFL Picks Week #3 (2018 season)



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Hello my sports investing friends!

I hope you are doing great! It’s been a while since we last talked, which was prior to last year’s Super Bowl between the Eagles and the Patriots. It’s good to be back!

During the 2017 NFL regular season, our picks went 35-23-3 for a nice 60.3% winning percentage. If you bet each of those games with -105 average odds (1.95 in decimal format) by risking $105 to win $100, you ended the season +$1085. If you fired $525 to win $500 on each pick, your net profit at the end of the season turned out to be $5425. It was truly a profitable season for all of us.

Investing in Sports

I often advocate that you see yourself as a “sports investor”, rather than a “sports bettor/gambler”, because I do see this activity as an investment. Just like the stock market, your bankroll will go through ups and downs. Hopefully, though, the general trend remains positive.

A diligent stock investor has to do intensive research about various companies and their complex financial reports to select particular stocks. A sports investor gets to watch football games and read injury reports to select which teams he is going to bet on. Which one sounds more fun to you?

From Loser to Winner

Are you losing money gambling on sports? Be honest here. If you are, the feeling is not fun. When friends inquire about your gambling results, you might pretend like you are “breaking about even” when, in fact, you know all too well that you are in the red. Or you might feel ashamed with respect to your spouse/girlfriend because you sunk more money.

Being on the winning end is great. You can brag to your friends about your latest picks. You’re proud to tell your family that you gained an additional income. And picturing in your mind your bankroll grow, as you are watching the games live is really rewarding and exciting.

Sometimes your team has a comfortable lead in the fourth quarter and you are just thrilled from watching the clock run out. Or maybe your team scores a touchdown late in the game to turn a losing bet into a winning one. That feeling is so amazing.

Helping You Reach Your Goals

My objective is to get you on the winning end. As you could see from my numerous posts from last year, I do in-depth analyses to maximize the chances of picking winners. My record from last year speaks for itself. Based on emails I received, many people pocketed significant sums of money.

Of course, the results in 2018 may or may not be the same because of the inevitable season-to-season variability. The winning percentage may go lower than last year's 60.3%, or it could go higher, who knows? The only certitude is that I do my absolute best. I personally bet the picks I am posting online.

If you are interested in tailing my picks, they are going to be available at $10 USD each. This week I’ve got 3 picks ready for you, including one that I like very much. Those picks do not involve the Thursday night game so you’ve got until Sunday at 1pm Eastern Time to get them.

Some people may ask if they can get just one pick. Unfortunately, I want to keep things very simple and painless for me, so it’s going to be all picks or none.

One more remark: I am providing picks, not full write-ups like I did last season. I might briefly justify some of the picks from time to time. That’s what I did for this week’s selections, as you will see when you get the document I prepared for you. In the end, what really matters to you are the picks themselves so that’s what you get.

Time To Act!

I am willing to provide a very special promotion that I am NOT going to offer again during the 2018 NFL season. How about a 100% money-back guarantee? If two or three out of my three picks lose this week, you get your money back. As simple as that.

Enough with the talking, it’s time to make you some money! Why wait until Sunday, do it NOW before the lines move in the wrong direction. Simply follow the link below and let’s beat the crap out of our bookies together!

3 picks for week #3 in the NFL by Professor MJ