MLB System Plays - September 2019 (returning)

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You can expect to receive ≈ 4.1 picks per day (so about 127 plays in August).

Thus far in 2019 (from placing just $1 bets):

  • Profit = +$44.42
  • # of games = 642
  • ROI (Return On Investment) = +6.9%

If your average bet is $100, you would have made a nice $4053 gain 💰💰💰.

The cost? A ridiculous $40 USD (UPDATED AUGUST 19TH: now $15 USD for the rest of August). Who cannot afford $1.29 per day? Or $0.31 per pick?

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Let's say your average bet is $50. Since you can expect to receive 127 picks in August, you are going to wager a total of $50 * 127 = $6350.

Now, with the current ROI at 8%, that means you can expect, on average, to win $6350 * 8% = $508.

How in the world does investing $40 in order to make $508 in return - without making any effort - can possibly be not worth it? It's mind-boggling to me.

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Professor MJ (University Professor and PhD in statistics / Sports Betting Expert)