MLB System Plays - July 2019 (via mailing list 801-950)

How does receiving 127 MLB system picks in July sound to you?

Thus far in 2019:

Broken down by betting strategy:


Note: You may wonder why the overall profit is not the same in both tables ($22.74 and $28.11). The reason is simple: duplicates. There were some games where more than one system suggested to bet a specific team.

The fact that the profit is higher in the table broken down by betting strategy shows that we made money overall when a team qualified under 2+ systems at a time. That's an indication we may want to increase our bets under such circumstances.

You have already missed out on +22.74 units thus far this season. If your average bet is 100$, that’s $2274 you could have easily made - effortless.

During the month of June, I grew from 11 to 19 winning strategies!

You can now expect an average of ≈ 4.1 bets per day.

And guess what? Even though the number of picks has increased, the price remains exactly the same as in June: only $40 USD!

Just $0.31 per pick. Who cannot afford that???

No time wasted! Do you really want to be figuring out which teams you need to bet according to each of the 19 betting strategies every day? They are simply going to be sent in your mailbox for just $1.29 per day.

But wait! You can choose between 2 great options:

  • OPTION #1: No guarantee.
  • OPTION #2: We experienced our first losing month in June. I'm so confident that we're going to rebound in a big way that I'm offering the following guarantee for an additional $15 only: if the July picks do not end up being profitable overall, you get all August system plays FOR FREE!!

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Professor MJ (University Professor and PhD in statistics / Sports Betting Expert)