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Would You Like to Earn $720/Month – Effortless?

The expected figures, over a single MLB season, from betting the 11 strategies I recently posted about are:

      • Profit = +43.21 units
      • Number of bets = 593
      • Return On Investment (ROI) = 43.21 / 593 = +7.3%

If your average bet is $100, your yearly expected gain is $100 * 43.21 = $4,321. Since the season is six-month long, that’s 720$ per month.

So far, in the 2019 regular season up to the May 6th games:

      • Profit = +18.25 units
      • Number of bets = 130
      • ROI = +14.0%

We are even exceeding expectations!!!

You can see all the detailed plays from 2019 here:

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No time wasted trying to figure out which teams you need to bet according to each of the 11 MLB betting strategies.

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Those who signed up yesterday were glad they did because we went 6-1 last night (we won the White Sox, Twins, Rays, Pirates, A's and Phillies, while losing the Nationals)!

I’ve got 5 plays for you today (Wednesday, May 8th).

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Professor MJ