MLB Free Pick of the Day for September 6th, 2019

Free MLB Pick of the Day for September 6th, 2019:

Reds (at +106 or 2.06) vs D-Backs

This pick is based on "The Stingy Pitchers" betting angle:

"Suppose a team wins 2 straight games, while allowing just 0 or 1 run in each meeting. Fade them if they are playing on the road and their money line is 2.50 or less."


  • Over 7 years: +26.54 units from 375 bets (ROI = 7.1%)
  • In 2019: -$4.63 units from 20 bets (small sample size!!)

Since Arizona's past two games both ended with a win while allowing just one run in each meeting (4-1 and 2-1 victories), we are betting against them.

Best of luck!

Professor MJ