MLB Free Pick of the Day for September 15th, 2019

MLB Pick of the Day for September 15, 2019

Padres (at +111 or 2.11) at Rockies

This play meets the criteria of 2 betting angles at a time. Under such circumstances, our ROI (Return On Investment) tripled in 2019 compared to the case where a pick met the criteria of a single betting strategy.

One of these two systems is called "The Pummeled Pitchers" betting angle:

"Bet the road team if it has lost... a) its past 2 games by allowing 9+ runs in each meeting; b) its past 3 games by allowing 7+ runs in each meeting (unless their money line is greater than 3.0); c) its past 4 games by allowing 6+ runs in each meeting."


Over 7 years: +37.58 units from 253 bets (ROI = 14.9%)

Since San Diego is on the road and has lost its past two games by allowing 11 and 10 runs respectively, we are betting them this afternoon.

Best of luck!

Professor MJ