Tired of losing money when gambling on sports? Want to make extra money for you and your family?

“Basketball Live Betting” has the perfect solution for you:

  • Within seconds of the end of each quarter of every NBA game, we send you invaluable information based on the past 14 NBA seasons.
  • What information? We look at all 15,000+ games in our dataset which had similar pregame spread and current score (thus very similar conditions, which will inevitably lead to similar results probability-wise!).
  • We make a recommendation based on the data and the current live in-play line: a) Bet the road team; b) Bet the home team; c) Don’t bet.
  • YOU are the ultimate decision-maker.
  • Enjoy the rest of the game while making money $$$$$$$$ !!!

See a concrete example of how it works:

Detroit Pistons vs Denver Nuggets, November 12th 2016