Q: How will you send the live tips to me (after the end of each quarter of every NBA game)?

A: You will receive the invaluable information in two ways: 1) via a secret group on Facebook; 2) via email. We strongly recommend that you log in the secret group on Facebook during games because you will access the information instantaneously (as opposed to email where there can be a delay between the moment we send it, and the moment you get it in your inbox).


Q: Do you also cover afternoon games, or only night games?

A: We provide the “Basketball Live Betting” service on all games, including those played in the afternoon.


Q: When a game goes to overtime, do you provide information after the 4th quarter?

A: No, only after quarters 1-2-3. Based on our experience, there are no profitable bets to be made at that point.


Q: I want to buy one of the 3 plans today: do I get the “Basketball Live Betting” service starting tonight or tomorrow? Or can I select a specific starting date in the future?

A: Upon joining our great team you cannot get the service for the same day, as we need time to adjust our mailing list each day. By default, you get access to our tips starting the next day. Important note: Eastern Time (New York time zone) is used. If you wish to receive the “Basketball Live Betting” service for all January 8th games, you need to join by 11:59pm Eastern Time on January 7th.

We do accept specific requests about receiving the service from a specific date in the future. Simply mention it when you join.


Q: Can I buy a weekly or monthly plan, but select non-consecutive days?

A: Unfortunately not (otherwise some people might ask to receive the service strictly on days where there are lots of games, thus more occasions to make money!).


Q: If I buy a weekly plan starting from a Wednesday, when does the service end?

A: You will receive the “Basketball Live Betting” service from Wednesday to the next Tuesday.


Q: If I buy a monthly plan starting on the 9th day of the month, when does the service end?

A: You will receive the “Basketball Live Betting” service from the 9th day of the current month to the 8th day of the next month.


Q: Where does the current line/spread come from?

A: The live lines/spreads after quarters 1-2-3 are taken from Pinnacle.


Q: What if I am betting in a sportsbook whose current line/spread differs from the one you use?

A: In such a case you need to adapt your strategy and make your decision accordingly. Suppose that after the first quarter the data suggests betting the road team which is a 3-point underdog. If your sportsbook has the road team as a 3.5-point underdog, you obviously want to bet on them! However, if your sportsbook has a 2.5 spread, you need to analyze more carefully the data we sent you. If it was borderline profitable at +3 then maybe you should not place a bet, but if it was clearly profitable at +3 then you should go ahead and do it at +2.5 also!


Q: Do you have any casino recommendations (which ones to go to)?

A: Do not EVER send money to an online casino without making minimal research about its reliability. Here is a very convenient site that awards grades to over 200 sportsbooks (only stick to the ones with at least an A- grade): http://www.sportsbookreview.com/betting-sites/.

We personally recommend PINNACLE for several reasons:

  • They offer good odds (they have the lowest margins on the market);
  • They openly accept winners;
  • Live in-play betting is allowed on all NBA games;
  • It has been online for a long time;
  • We have used it extensively.
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