NBA playoffs: The Bounce Back Effect

How to bet the NHL playoffs: an in-depth study based on the past 9 seasons.

How to bet Game 7 in the NBA (as featured on

Considering the public's tendency to overreact to recent results, should we bet on teams which are currently on a losing streak facing a team riding a winning streak?

Is there evidence of pregame betting line movements having an effect on which team is going to win the game (in the NBA)?




Article 1 / 6: "Over the past 14 NBA seasons, does it seem like pregame betting line movements have an effect on which team is going to win the game?"

What can we learn from studying the opening and closing lines? Should you bet on the team in favor of which the line moved during the day? We have investigated the lines from the last 14 seasons, a great never-seen before study.



Article 2 / 6: "Over the past 14 NBA seasons, has league parity increased or decreased?"

We show strong evidence of league parity taking a SERIOUS hit over the last few years...



Article 3 / 6: "Over the past 14 NBA seasons, is there evidence of game momentum?"

Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as "having the momentum" during an NBA game. See for yourself in this shocking article!



Article 4 / 6: "Over the past 14 NBA seasons, who were the most/least "clutch" teams?"

The following teams did very well in tight games: Hornets, Wizards, Nets, Pelicans, Blazers and Lakers. On the other hand, some teams like the Timberwolves, Knicks, Raptors, Warriors, Pacers and Suns did not fare very well in such circumstances. See the details in this fascinating article!



Article 5 / 6: "Over the past 14 NBA seasons, who made the most comebacks?"

All three teams from the state of Texas were great at staging comebacks to win the game (San Antonio, Dallas and Houston). Boston, Miami and Chicago also did great in this category. Find out which teams were not able to overcome deficits by reading this article. Great findings, like the fact that the 2015/2016 Philadelphia 76ers were 0-59 when trailing through 3 quarters, the only team from the past 14 seasons NOT to manage to stage a single 4th quarter comeback in a full season!



Article 6 / 6: "Over the past 14 NBA seasons, what are comeback probabilities through quarters 1-2-3?"

In this article we investigate NBA comeback probabilities. More precisely, we answer the following question: what are the chances that a team trailing by "x" points after 1-2-3 quarters will come back to win the game? Lots of surprising numbers!