Beating the FanDuel Sportsbook!

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Receive all great value bets with FanDuel for the month of June 2021!

I started offering this service on May 16 and here is how the picks did from May 16 to 31 (all detailed bets are shown at the bottom of this page):

  • 70 picks (i.e. 4.4 picks per day, on average)
  • AVERAGE ODDS: +111 in American format (i.e. 2.11 in decimal)
  • RECORD: 38-29-3
  • PROFIT: +10.12 units
  • ROI: +14.5%

The plays are selected when a line with FanDuel differs significantly from the other sportsbooks. In other words: only nice bargains!

Example: Stanley Johnson (Toronto Raptors) over 3.5 assists @ +104 odds on May 16. Meanwhile, the Pinnacle sportsbook, that has the most reliable odds on the planet, had the over @ -160 versus the under @ +119 odds. What a jaw-dropping deal we got here!

Bonus incentive for you:

  • If we don't gain more than 2 units (from risking 1 unit per wager), you will get your money back!

That shows how confident I am about those betting picks.

Let me help you crush the FanDuel sportsbook!