2022 MLB Win Totals

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Should you bet the "over" or the "under" for each MLB team's number of regular season wins in 2022?

This package has the answer via in-depth statistical analyses!

You get 9 very solid picks with this exclusive gold package.

Each pick also presents:

  • ROI (Return On Investment);
  • Best odds seen on April 4, 2022 (along with the corresponding online sportsbooks);
  • Minimum acceptable odds (i.e. lowest line you should be willing to take for each bet, based on my calculations).

Professor MJ took 9 years of university classes in statistics (undergraduate = 3, Master's = 2, PhD = 4) and he has been teaching this topic for 15 years.

He has also been beating online sportsbooks since 1999.

No other sports handicapper matches his pedigree and track record, so take advantage of his advanced knowledge!

Are you ready to CRUSH your bookies??? Let's go!!!