NFL Week #10 (2018 season)



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Hello NFL fans, I hope you are doing great! I'm feeling great and I'm on fire to attack week #10!

System on Totals

What is going on? This system kicked off the season 8-2, but has lost the past 5 picks so its record now stands at 8-7. Just barely above 50%. I'm curious to see how it does for the rest of the year.

There are a couple of plays according to this system for week #10: over 50 Chargers-Raiders and over 43.5 Giants-49ers.


Week #10 Picks

It has been a roller-coaster ride in 2018, but thank God there has been more ups than downs. We started off the season by going 7-1 before suffering through a 3-6 stretch. However, we came back strong over the past couple of weeks by posting a 4-2 record (including 2-1 last week).

Season record: 14-9 (60.3% winning percentage).

As long as we stay around 60%, our pockets will be happy (but our bookies won't!!!).

I've got 4 picks this week, including a 4-star play. Get those picks here!!


Just one unofficial pick this week:

  • Indianapolis Colts -3 vs Jacksonville Jaguars. Both teams are coming off their bye week. Who would have thought the Colts would have a better point differential than the Jaguars at this point of the season? Indy is +18, while Jacksonville is -36. I believe the Jaguars continue their slide and lose on the road. Indy is at home for the third time over the past four weeks. They will be looking to avenge two losses against the Jags in 2017.


I wish you all good luck on your bets!

Professor MJ's top 4 picks can be obtained here!

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