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Hey buddy!

I’ve been reluctant for years to unveil ALL of my sports betting picks.

As a run test, I started offering this opportunity a couple of weeks ago to the most recent subscribers to my mailing list.

The response was amazing, WOW! I'm glad that so many of you have joined me in this fun betting journey!

The good news? This opportunity is now open to everyone following my hard work.




In the 1st edition, I promised at least 25 picks over seven days; the subscribers received 35.

In the 2nd edition, I promised at least 40 picks over 11 days; the subscribers received 61!

How did the picks do, you're asking?

Here is the answer (the full list of all 96 picks can be found at the end of this message):

  • OVERALL RECORD: 51-44-1 (53.7% win percentage), Profit = +1.11 unit
    • NFL Player Props: 38-24 (+9.52 units)
    • NFL: 4-3 (+0.56 unit)
    • College Football: 3-7 (-4.21 units)
    • MLB: 5-7-1 (-2.81 units)
    • Golf: 1-0 (+1.05 unit)
    • NBA: 0-2 (-2 units)
    • NHL: 0-1 (-1 unit)

In other words, small profits thus far. But still a positive profit, which is something 99% of sports bettors cannot achieve in the long run.

We are literally CRUSHING the NFL proposition bets with an amazing 61.3% success rate!

I’m very confident we can get back on our feet in other sports this week.


This is the week we are going to turn the corner and rack up nice profits instead of few dollars.

I guarantee it or else you’ll get refunded.

The cost is only $35. Or how about getting them FOR FREE? Keep reading until the end to see if you are eligible.

I know, I know. Just $35 is very low compared to what other sports handicappers are charging (most of which have no credibility), but I want to make it affordable for everyone.

Around $1 per pick and a 100% guarantee? Those are great conditions for you!


As soon as I see a good value bet, you will get an alert via email.

How do I determine whether a play is worth betting or not?

  • Based on probabilities from statistical models, which also accounts for player/team news.
  • Finding value simply by comparing odds from numerous online sportsbooks (see my article about Value Betting here).

For each recommended bet, I’ll send you a screenshot showing the current line.

Online bookies I’m doing business with:

The lines posted will come from any of them.

You get to make the exact same bets as me for an entire week.


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to place at least 25 good value bets within the following 7-day period:

Tuesday October 6 - Monday October 12

It all starts TODAY (Tuesday October 6, 2020). If you wait until tomorrow, you’ll be wasting one day.


I said earlier you could get this week's picks for free.

You must satisfy these 3 conditions:

  • You are from Canada;
  • You don't already have an account with Sports Interaction;
  • You want to deposit at least 200$ with them.

In this case, use this referral link before signing up with them. Once you've made your deposit, email me at:


If you are not eligible to get the plays for free:

Here is the link to receive all sports picks this week.



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Professor MJ

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