In-play betting: Live betting is awesome with 10Bet. I have rarely seen such a wide selection. On a particular Thursday morning I found 15 football (soccer) matches, 36 tennis matches and one or two matches of the following sports: basketball, badminton, beach volleyball, cricket, cycling, golf, handball, snooker and volleyball. In several cases you have between 20 and 30 betting options within each game. Simply amazing.

"Fast Markets": Their in-play platform has a unique feature called “Fast Markets”. It basically allows you to bet on events that may or may not happen within the next 5 minutes (or even in the next minute). For example, you can try to predict whether there will be a goal (or a corner) during a specific 5-minute window based on your assessment of the game flow. Very interesting add-on.


Number of markets & betting options: The large selection does not simply apply to live betting, but to pregame also. They are certainly among the top 5 sportsbooks with respect to number of markets. Odds on surfing and trotting are seldom seen in the sports betting industry, but 10Bet has those sports covered. You can also bet on Gaelic football, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), handball, futsal, e-sports or even chess. Within a particular sport, the number of leagues is also jaw-dropping. I found over 120 football (soccer) leagues and 30 basketball leagues. Proposition betting was not left behind at 10Bet: you can bet on who is going to be the next manager of certain football (soccer) clubs or which team some specific players were going to join after the summer transfer window.

Low rollover requrements: 10Bet offers some bonuses that may not look amazing, but that have lower rollover requirements than some other bookies. At the time of review, first depositors were getting a 50% bonus up to $300 CAD; the deposit+bonus amount had to be rolled over five (5) times with odds of at least 1.60.

Get paid before the result: The site has “cash out” and “partial cash out” features that allow you to get some money back before an event is settled. For example, you might accept to receive a specified amount of money before a game ends, or before your “acca” (accumulator, parlay) bet is settled. A partial cash out means you are collecting a portion of the potential return before an event is settled, and you are leaving a part of the bet active.

Interface: The interface looks nice and the site is easy to navigate. They did a good job on the design.

Free payouts: All withdrawals are free of charge with 10Bet, which is always appreciated by players.

Early lines: They are posting lines earlier than most bookmakers, which is nice when you expect the line to move against you if you wait too long before placing a particular bet.


High juice: Their juice is on the high end of the spectrum when comparing with other sportsbooks, which means their odds tend to be lower than average. Dime lines (i.e. 10-cent lines) are now fairly common on Major League Baseball games. It’s hard to categorize 10Bet in this regard because the juice varies from one game to the other. For example, you will see some occurrences of dime lines like -110 vs +100 but I also saw -120 vs +100. One more weird case I witnessed: -140 vs +125 on one game, but -145 vs +125 on another. Run lines have terrible juice, for instance -186 vs +156.

High juice (cont'd): On international basketball games you will regularly see odds like -200 vs +135, which is awful. Other review websites are praising 10Bet for their competitive odds on football (soccer). I did not find it to be the case after looking at odds from various leagues. On a Brazil Serie A game, the odds on total goals were -165 vs +125; that’s a 40-cent spread, which is huge! We are not talking about an obscure league here. How about a Leicester versus Arsenal matchup? Over 2.5 goals was at -200 versus +140 on the under; a 60-cent spread. Both teams to score: yes at -140, no at +100. Final score an odd number at -115 versus an even number at -115. Such odds are not great by any stretch.

Slow withdrawal process: Some customers were happy with payout speed, but many others have complained over this issue in the past. It is reported that they often take more than two weeks to verify ID documents and bank statements. That’s way too long.

Harsh with winning players: They are limiting players pretty quickly and pretty hard. From the numerous stories I have read about 10Bet online, they seem to delay withdrawals even more for such players that have been identified as “professionals”.

Weak support: Their customer service is below-average. Many players have reported not being responded to via email.

Voiding bets: If you take a look at some of the stories below, you will realize this sportsbook has a history of cancelling bets when odds move against them by citing “human errors” (which isn’t true) or misgrading wagers. That’s a major cause of concern.

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A Russian ran into problems related to a withdrawal in 2015. The sportsbook claims the initial ID documents sent to them were false, which prompted them to ask for physical documents through mail. The player complied with their request, but says the investigation has been under way for over a month. He finally got paid in full.

SOURCE: https://www.sportsbookreview.com/sports-betting-news/10bet-sportsbook-addresses-payout-complaint-62124/

ANALYSIS: It would have been nice to get more details about what 10Bet meant by “false” documents. Anyway, don’t do that or you may get in trouble. If it really took one month to analyze physical documents, I suspect the sportsbook was just slow-paying (maybe hoping for the player to place more wagers while the process was going on, which may have led him to lose part of his bankroll).




In 2012, a player from Denmark got impatient after 10Bet had been suspending his account for over a month. The problem originated from him logging into his account while being on vacation in Spain, while his brother also accessed the account three minutes later from Denmark. The sportsbook found the activity suspicious, so they decided to block the account. The player explained the situation and provided all required documents (banking card, banking statements, ID cards), but the situation wouldn’t change despite numerous phone calls. His account was finally reinstated.

SOURCE: https://www.sportsbookreview.com/sports-betting-news/10bet-sportsbook-dispute-involving-7000-balance-5370/

ANALYSIS: Suspending the account was the right decision by 10Bet; it shows they care about accounts not being hacked. However, the one-month delay seems pretty excessive. The player cooperated and should have had his account re-opened much more quickly.



Over 35 players left feedback about 10Bet at the source cited below. You can read them all if you wish, but let me summarize here. Most of them are negative. The most common complaints concern the very long delay when verifying ID documents, the bad customer service (not responding to emails), betting limits getting significantly slashed and cancelling wagers. On the positive side, some punters appreciated their good odds.

    SOURCE: http://www.top100bookmakers.com/comments/10bet.php

    ANALYSIS: What I read on this site is not reassuring at all. This is certainly not a top sportsbook.



    STORY 4

    A guy named Elliott Shaw from the United Kingdom found himself playing slot games with 10Bet. He lost money and re-deposited several times. In December 2016, he received a bonus offer that he couldn’t resist, so he reloaded his account with 200 pounds but this time luck was on his side. His bankroll went up to over 11,000 pounds! He requested a withdrawal which led 10Bet to request for ID documents, which is standard procedure. The scanned documents weren’t clear enough for 10Bet, so the player had to do it again. A few more days later, they asked him to take a selfie with him holding the ID. He thought it was weird, but he proceeded to do it. Not clear enough; had to do it again. More days went by before the player received devastating news: they were now accusing him of colluding with other players. The case was never solved and the player never got his money back.

    SOURCE: https://www.askgamblers.com/casino-complaints/10-bet-have-shut-my-account-down-and-accused-me-of-collusion-when-i-won-over-11k

    ANALYSIS: How can you collude while playing slot machines? 10Bet claims he abused their bonus program along with friends in order to generate a risk-free guaranteed profit. How is that possible considering the high rollover requirements? It doesn’t make any sense. In my opinion, the player got robbed.


    STORY 5

    In 2009, a player placed a bet on a Mexican baseball game which was listed to start at 1:00 AM. The bet won, but remained pending for three days. Then, 10Bet voided the bet by claiming the game had started 30 minutes earlier. However, the player provided evidence that the game did indeed start at 1:00 AM and that he had also placed a similar bet at Pinnacle (around the same time, which was 0:43 AM) which was graded as a win. He also came up with a forceful argument: if he had placed the bet 13 minutes into the game, the team he backed was trailing by two runs so there is no way he would have done that! 10Bet finally agreed to pay him.

    SOURCE: https://www.sportsbookreview.com/sports-betting-news/10bet-sportsbook-cancels-winning-wager-3725/

    ANALYSISThe player’s arguments were strong. He clearly refuted the sportsbook’s arguments and provided evidence there was nothing fishy about the bet. I don’t like the way the case was handled by 10Bet.



    STORY 6

    In 2008 there were several complaints about 10Bet cancelling wagers when the line would move in favor of the player after placing the bet. For example, a guy says the line on a soccer team opened at 2.89, he eventually placed a bet at 2.57 while the line kept dropping all the way to 2.13. The bookie voided the bet citing “typing mistake”, but this claim turned out to be false after other bookmakers confirmed the odds at 10Bet were in line with theirs. 10Bet finally conceded the lines were correct, but still refused to compensate the player by saying he had time to rebet.

    SOURCE: https://www.sportsbookreview.com/betting-sites/10bet/

    ANALYSISOnce again I believe 10Bet acted wrongly. They clearly lied when citing a human error; they even admitted it later on (they didn’t have a choice in front of the evidence presented to them), but found another excuse not to pay the player. Cancelling a player’s wager because the line moved in its favor is outrageous.





    Honestly, I would recommend many sportsbooks before this one. To me, the number one criterion is trustworthiness and I don’t feel comfortable with 10Bet after reading so many complaints and horror stories. If you don’t trust your bookie, the rest doesn’t matter. Even if it offers the best bonuses and the best odds, you would probably still not join the site. Well, that’s my view anyway.

    It’s really unfortunate that there are many drawbacks about 10Bet because I absolutely love their market variety. I was stunned by the number of betting options! However, the juice isn’t ideal and the concerns over long delays during the verification process, cancelling wagers for unfounded reasons and treating winning players in a wrongful manner are enough reasons for me to avoid this bookmaker. If you decide to join them, please deposit an amount that is lower than usual for you.